New song "Skylight"

As mentioned before, we’re working currently on two separate music projects - our 3rd regular record and special concept album combined with multimedia show. The latter project confronts us with difficult, heavy and dramatic subject, hence our natural need to escape those dark places occasionally, while creating brighter, lighter and more colorful space on our 3rd album. We’re happy to share with you our first piece promoting new material, titled Skylight.

Recorded at Vintage Recordss, produced by Besides with support of Szymon Swoboda. Art video by AngellBeloved.

We're starting our autumn tour ! Come, join us!

06.10 - Lądek Zdrój, Dom Klahra

11.10 - Rzeszów, Vinyl

12.10 - Lublin, Klub Grafitti

26.10 - Bielsko Biała, Rude Boy

27.10 - Wrocław, Stara Piwnica

28.10 - Gdańsk, Bunkier

02.11 - Szwajcaria, Luzern, Sedel

04.11 - Francja, Lyon, Hard Rock Cafe

17.11 - Kraków, Piękny Pies - Festiwal Tak Brzmi Miasto

13.12 - Poznań, Meskalina