Dunk!Festival 2018

15.03.2018 - Dunk!Festival 2018 and other important content

Recently you haven’t heard much from us, but there are reasons. For a long time we have been working on something special, a project we’ve had in our heads and hearts for many years.

We are preparing new music at the moment and there will be a new album, but it will be a special album for us, something like a musical soundtrack for a multimedia show based on specific stories and events. All this is connected firmly with the place where we were born, we grown and still live. We set ourselves a big challenge, but we feel that we are able to cope.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

In May, we are playing at the Dunk!festival2018 - for a number of reasons, an important festival for us, which is also symbolic, because there we will close a chapter related to the promotion of our current work.