Besides came into being In 2011 in Brzeszcze, Poland. In less than 3 years it became one of the most popular bands on polish post-rock scene. A quartet, playing an unpopular musical genre, won millions of polish people’s hearts during a TV talent show – Must Be The Music and won the main prize of its eight edition.

In 2013 Besides released their debut album titled „We Were So Wrong” which was excellently greeted by fans and critics. Lots of positive reviews and concerts with unique atmosphere, enriched by visualizations, caused that Besides, in a very short time, became one of the leading representatives of this genre in Poland. Thanks to Fonografika, from Warsaw, an extended re-edition with an additionaltrack titled “endless” was released. The music of besides appeared on “Trójka”, “Antyradio” and “RMF FM” radio stations.

After only two years since a successful debut, a second album of besides titled “Everything Is” will be will come out. This time we wanted to get dirtier guitars and implement more of electronic sounds. Thanks to this, you will not only find melancholic musical landscapes present on the previous records bout also some turbulent and gripping parts. The album consists of eight premiere tracks. Once again it will take you on an emotional journey, let you free your imagination and retire somewhere “beyond”. Maciej Karbowski, a musician known from Tides From Nebula and Moonglass, was responsible for the production. Graphic layout, as it was in case of “We Were So Wrong” was designed by Danuta Kazimierczak.

The band played more than 150 concerts. Among them there were gigs and festivals in Poland and abroad as well. They shared stage with such bands as: COMA, Tides From Nebula, Obscure Sphinx, LemOn.


Paweł Kazimierczak - guitar Piotr Świąder - Kruszyński - guitar Artur Łebecki - bass guitar Bartłomiej Urbańczyk - drums